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Read more about the latest interview with Jarvis Cocker and the rest of the crew as they take us back to what making music was like as a band. After a decade of being apart what it was like to make a comeback album.

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Watch Pulp’s ‘Pulp at Glastonbury’

Pulp made their first debut in 1984 and they rocked the music industry in the 90s. You can watch some of their live performances here.

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Looking From a Fan’s Point of View of the Pulp Documentary

“Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets” makes you understand what a typical rock documentary is about. The film talks about the British rockers stage performance and their career. The film focuses mostly on their hometown in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Top Pulp  Songs


Mis-shapes is on the opening track of the 1995 different class. The song is more of an intellectual track and sounds very convincing like it did when it was first released. It was Cocker’s song for weirdos, geeks, and freaks who were always bullied for standing out.

Feeling Called Love

Different Class didn’t just make the Pulp become the greatest band but it also made Cocker into a celebrity. It was a fun rollercoaster mixed with Cockers over the top vocals which made it just like one of Pulp’s best songs.

Common People

This song is definitely a favorite for fans of Pulp. It combines Cocker’s energy with a supercharged keyboard melody. Cocker making class observations added with some wicked humor. Common people definitely made hits in the 90s.

This Is Hardcore

This is Hardcore was a bit over the top especially for those that loved the Different Class album. It is more intense, a bit creepier and more of an experiment. Cocker had songs on this album like The Fear, which some didn’t really like a lot.

After You

This was Pulp’s 2013 comeback single after 10 years when they split up. It was the band’s last album. They added a 21st-century twist to the song After You. Pulp fans are still looking forward to always hearing something special from the Pulp.

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